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Our real strength is our team, which comprise of talented and technically competent individuals. We are not bound by time and work with great passion and zeal. This makes us stand in league with one of the best in business. The skill and technology used by us make us provide high quality solutions which not only take care of the present need of the client but the future expansion is also taken into consideration while dealing with the present one. This makes easy for the client whenever the system is expanded or improved.

Quality : Here at uniqueweb, we do not compromise with one thing at that is quality. In the very beginning we assure our clients that quality will never be a botheration for them. High quality and client satisfaction is something we continuously strive for.

Project Execution Model : We understand that the product we deliver must satisfy our clients as well as our clients clients. For that we follow a strong model from analysis till the product is delivered to the client.

Analysis : This is the first phase of our development process. Here we receive the request from the client and our execution starts. This stage involves the total understanding of the system. After that a proposal with project specification, cost estimate and the duration for the completion of project is sent to the client from our side.

Design : Once the client accepts the proposal, we start this phase. Here again a through study of the system is undertaken. The main thing in the phase is to understand the flow of the project. Once the flow is clearly understood the database is made and the backend is decided.

Coding : We make use of object Oriented Concepts to make the system flexible and reusability possible. Proper documentation and comments are included so that changes can be easily incorporated. In web based projects adequate use of flash and Graphics is incorporated to make them attractive.

Testing : After design and coding the testing of the whole project is done. Both Black Box and White Box approach of testing is involved to make sure that problem free software reaches our clients. Once the testing is done we upload the site at our server for the testing by our client. After final approval the site is sent to the client through internet/CD or uploads the site from our company to the clients server.

Maintenance : For a period of 5 months the technical maintenance of the site is done for free. After 5 months a separate contract is signed with the company for the maintenance purpose.

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