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a) Top Ten Tips on increasing your Website’s Page Rank

b) Top Ten Tips on increasing your Alexa Page Rank


Ten tips for improving the page rank of your webpage.

Writing good content - The most important aspect of getting a higher PR is writing good content for your website, but unfortunately most webmasters ignore this simple but most effective measure. Content is the king and most surfers are interested in the content of the website rather than the PR. Having good content on your webpage makes other webpages link to you and this will help to increase your PR.

Submit to search engines – One of the most important methods of getting a good back-link is by submitting your website to the search engine directories. Most search engines allow you to submit for free and in this way you will get a free link and good presence in the web community. Online tools that help in search engine submissions are available in the Internet.

Publishing articles – Creating and publishing articles is another effective method of increasing PR. Select the area of interest and then write and publish articles in online journals and blogs. Sign off with a link to your website and in this way you can increase traffic to your website.

Join forums – Participating in forums is yet another efficient method of getting a good back-link to your webpage. This has got twin benefits of getting a good backward link as well as getting qualified visitors to your webpage. But one should make sure that the forum is related to the website in some way. By having a link to your website in the forum, more people will see your website and thus you will get a better presence among netizens.

Link Exchanges – One of the most popular methods of getting a back-link and hence increasing PR is link exchange. Here websites exchange their links with similar websites and thereby get an inbound link. But it should be noted that, by doing so, a website is giving an outbound link to another website; thereby letting off some advantage of this link exchange. This is because while an inbound link increases the value associated with the PR, an outbound link decreases the value.

Newsletter and article exchanges – Exchanging newsletters and articles among related websites is a very good way of getting back-links. This can be done by making arrangements with related websites to swap articles and newsletters. Article exchange is similar to link exchange except that it provides a contextual link.

Internal linking – Internal linking is a way in which different pages of your websites are linked to each other. If your home page has a good PR, you can transfer some value from the high PR to other web-pages of your website by linking the internal pages with the high PR homepage. So, instead of going for outbound links on the homepage, you can link the homepage to internal pages of your site and use these to increase your PR.

Keyword in text links – One very important aspect, often missed, is the importance of keywords in the text links that you give during link exchange or when including your text link as a signature in articles and newsletters. Whenever you give a text link of your webpage, make sure that you are including your most important keyword in the text link. This will help you in achieving higher page rank as there are more chances for the Google robot to find you in the web world.

Avoid keyword stuffing – One of the most infamous methods of Black Hat SEO is keyword stuffing. Genuine website promotion efforts should always avoid doing it as it may result in penalization by Google and other search engines. PR can never be increased by keyword stuffing and doing so will only lead to elimination from Google listings and results. Google bots are capable of differentiating between genuine content and spurious content.

Avoid link farms – Link farms are sites which are meant exclusively to link to other websites and though it may be the cheapest means of getting a backward link, subscribing to it may result in a ban from the search engines. So, it is always advisable to decide against joining a link farm.

Ten tips for improving the Alexa page rank of your webpage.

Installing the Alexa Toolbar to Increase Your Alexa Ranking :
Until You have not installed your alexa ToolBar ,No need for reading further and thinking for Boosting your Ranking in Alexa. So,if you are Really want to increase the Alexa Ranking ,download the Toolbar.

Take Alexa Widget and put it to Your Site: After Installing the Alexa Toolbar to Your Browser ,now you have to add the Alexa Widget to your Site that will help you to show your Updated Ranking on your Website.

Write Your Own containts: Do not forget to write new and your own material on website to update your site ,that will automatically update your ranking in Various Search Engine .By this ,it will also help you to Increase Your Alexa Ranking.

Promote Your Website : Promote Your Website to increase the Ranking of your website that will automatically Increase the Alexa Ranking.

Always Use Alexa Toolbar to Visit Your Website: Always use Alexa Toolbar installed Browser to Visit your Website. Since Toolbar is directly attached with Alexa.com therefore each visit from this toolbar will send the updated report to Alexa,and that will increase your ranking.

Tell Others to Use Alexa Toolbar: Tell your friends and other to use Alexa Toolbar because if they will install Alexa Toolbar in their Browser ,so if they visit your website any time then it can be useful for improving your alexa ranking.

Participate in This is one of the Biggest factor to improve your Ranking. Participate in the It is the Best way to increase Alexa Ranking and also it will improve your Website Ranking.
To Participate ,Submit your Website here by Creating your Profile.

Participate in Forums that is related to Your Website: Find out the Forums that are related to your website .Then Create your Profile because many forum allow your to add website name in your profile and in your signature.This will help you to boost your Ranking.

Submit Your Site to various Search Engine: You can also do this things . Submit Your Website under various Search engine like Google,Yahoo etc.It will index your website in their Directory and will be available for the Users that are searching something in the Search Engine.

Submit Your Website to Various Online Bookmarking Sites: You can add your website to various Bookmarking site like twitter, Digg , stumble, etc to get Traffic .

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